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Fabio Mendez: Miscellaneous Work

“Portal de Soledad” a Transmetro Project

In 2008, Infrastructure Project Finance (IPF SA) and Fabio Mendez as a Senior Vice President and Structuring VP of the financial and infrastructure consulting firm, provided financial and technical structuring for group investment proposals for the District of Barranquilla’s bidding process for the “Portal de Soledad” (main hub of the Transmetro public transportation system) concession project and the construction of the hub’s Mall.

Investment Program for “Debris Removal”

Fabio Mendez, Senior Vice President of IPF SA, acted as financial and technical consultant during the development of an investment program for debris removal and solid waste management in Bogota and presentation of the project to the Mayor’s Office.

  “Commuter Railroad System”

As the head of the structuring team, Fabio Mendez, Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Project Finance, provided technical, legal and financial advice for structuring the participation model and presentation for an international contracting firm’s proposal for the construction/concession of the Commuter Railroad System of the greater Bogota area and Bogota District.

  “Las Americas” Highway Concession Project

Infrastructure Project Finance S.A. leaded by Fabio Mendez Structuring VP and Senior Vice President, acted as Financial Consultant for the prospect merger and valuation of six road concessions forming “Las Americas” Highway Project using the Private Initiative framework and model.

 Public Bidding Process for the 2010-2015 Investment Program

While positioned as the Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Project Finance (IPF SA), Fabio Mendez provided financial, legal and technical structuring of a consortium’s proposal for the Acuavalle public bidding process for the 2010-2015 Investment Program, including debt structuring and identifying funding sources with local banks and multilateral/international banks and corporations.


Fabio Mendez – Human Rights Issues

Fabio Mendez is a Senior Finance Executive and a versatile change agent with many years of experience. His work has taken him into different endeavors and associated him with major infrastructure projects. His work and education has provided him with experiences that have given him a deep insight into the world. “I take pride in bridging multicultural differences and fostering mutually-productive ties with peers, subordinates, legal personnel, government officials, and key decision-makers based on a solid foundation of trust and respect,” he says. “Working with sizeable teams, I instill a strong sense of urgency, while honoring quality safety, and client satisfaction.”

The unique international perspective of Fabio Mendez has left him deeply interested in human rights – those rights that he considers inherent to all people, regardless of nationality, place of residence, religion, ethnic origin, or any other status. Everyone, he believes, is entitled to human rights without fear of discrimination.

Human rights are the cornerstone of international human rights law, as Fabio Mendez knows. This principle was first articulated in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. Human rights, he believes, are inalienable and should never be taken away, except in specific situations and only then after due process.

Fabio Mendez believes that the principle of human rights applies to all people equally. As it says in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”