The Hamad International Airport

Fabio Mendez has more than ten years of experience as an experienced change agent. Providing consultant services to several companies globally, Fabio Mendez lends his expertise and insight on financial modeling and structuring to multi-million dollar infrastructure projects. There are many misunderstandings about the role of a change agent for any organization. A basic way to explain the role of a change agent is they bring change to an organizational system so that people in the company are more productive and/or have a new and better perspective.

Fabio Mendez

Fabio Mendez

As a change agent, Fabio Mendez gives important advice for companies looking or something to spark their organization. Looking towards the future for an organization and its financial strategy is exactly the kind of work that Fabio Mendez does. No matter what type of situation the organization is in or which type of project they are developing, Mendez in his role is to look at the potential of a company or project and explore the future of what can be done to help the company fulfill their potential.

The Hamad International Airport Project in Qatar was one project Fabio Mendez was able to visit. At the time in 2011 the project was known as the New Doha International Airport Project. While visiting the project, Fabio Mendez was able to witness the advancements of the project and meet in the offices of the project management team. The airport was able to open to air traffic in the spring of 2014.