The Boyaca Road Connection Project and Roads of Colombia

Colombian geology and geography present imposing difficulties to road builders, expecting to convey its biggest productions that focus profoundly inside the Andes with real major ports in both the Atlantic and Pacific seas. The majority of this conveys an overwhelming premium to road building, contrasted and the expense of building expressways in level territories. Hence, the Colombian government is embraced an awesome exertion with a specific end goal to enhance the expressway framework, under the name of Fourth Generation Highways, with the purpose of upgrading real streets, major roadways and highways to universal safety and speed guidelines. This venture will be subsidized through both open and private capital, with an aggregate worth of about 23 billion USD, bookkeeping to a yearly speculation of 3% of national GDP, enhancing or building a terrific aggregate of more than 8.000 km of streets. These streets are required to enhance Colombia’s intensity keeping in mind the end goal to effectively exploit the numerous exchange agreements of recent years.

  Fabio MendezColombia is enforcing the Highway Police, to enforce highway safety as a unit of the National Police of Colombia. Colombia is crossed by the Pan-American Highway.

In September 2012, Infrastructure Project Finance S.A. (IPF SA), landed organizing for a PPP (Public Private Partnership) Project as a Private Initiative for the “Boyacá Road Connection” Project. IPF SA was the transaction consultant to “PSF Vías de Boyacá S.A.” which is the private association that exhibited the project, for the organizing of the PPP Concession Project in the feasibility stage.

Fabio Mendez and IPF’s inclusion incorporated the specialized financial expertise, money related, and legitimate structuring of the venture and additionally the venture’s expected steadiness. The government entity responsible for this project that is valued at 83.4 million USD is the Gobernación de Boyacá.