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Growing Economies

Many people know that the United States is a well-developed country. In comparison to other countries across the world, the difference can be night and day when you consider the smallest of details. The simple fact of the matter is that there are various countries that deal with a tremendous amount of poverty. This poverty is one of the roadblocks to urbanization, education, and wealth creation. While it seems like an endless cycle, at the root of many of these situations is a lack of specific infrastructure that can increase trade and the economic conditions of the country. Many of these projects have a high entry point and require complex financing and political elements to execute. In essence, this is not a place or profession for rookies. Professionals in this field provide the establishment of project-based milestones. It is quite often that these types of projects are the collaborative effort of various investors, governments, and organizations. Having the right kind of experience and knowledge when it comes to these projects is a critical asset to integrate in order to achieve success.

Fabio MendezAccess to shipping, railways, electrical, roadways, and many other projects are fundamental towards revolutionizing economies in areas that require development. As these are often international efforts, there is a great need for the type of businessman that has an awareness of sensitive international matters, access to investors from across the world, and a reputation that brings decision-makers to the table. Fabio Mendez is a respected business executive that has conceived and structured many infrastructure projects. He has supervised countless projects including railroads, highways, and maritime ports.


Development Projects and the World

It is not exactly news that the world continues to urbanize at a considerable pace, and that the rate of growth of the global population continues to grow rapidly. This pace has put an enormous amount of pressure on cities to grow in a way that is both sustainable and rapid in nature.

Fabio MendezThere are a number of issues to contend with concerning smart and sustainable growth, including the planning of usage of land, connecting the population to jobs and services, and finding ways to finance these necessary infrastructure projects in light of a rapidly changing economy. These projects are necessary, and there are many aspects of each to consider during the planning process.

Behind it all, there are a number of statistics that prove that this suburbanization is expected to continue well into the future. As many as two billion more urban residents are expected to inhabit the globe in the next 30 years. The global gross domestic product is overwhelmingly produced within cities. Thus, infrastructure and urbanization can be a central component towards sustainable growth, as long as it is managed well and is focused on productivity.

In addition to that, there is a great need for housing, which which hinges on the infrastructure type of projects. There are many people today that are concerned about climate change as well. The support for sustainable growth and housing opportunity comes from a variety of organizations and business leaders, those that provide technical and financial assistance in alignment with the goals of urbanization. Power, the Internet, communications, commerce, transportation, water, and many other elements go into this infrastructure realm.

Fabio Mendez is an experienced professional in infrastructure project finance and development. He has structured and handled countless important projects in South America. The advisory and financing that he has procured has been instrumental in providing these services to infrastructure projects and other improvements to areas that seek development.

Effective Communication – Invaluable in Business

There’s something to be said about getting to know an individual that you are about to do business with, particularly in a professional way. There are those that may describe themselves as passionate, intellectual, and independent professionals. They may extend these characteristics into their personal lives. It is best to get to know the kind of professional you are working with, something that often best occurs through conversation and one-on-one interaction. That being said, being an open person is a valuable tool when it comes to interpersonal relationships as well as the field of business.

Fabio MendezQuality communication is key when it comes to developing relationships, particularly those within the business community. Good communication is, more often than not, the foundation for great relationships. When this communication is effective, it makes things a whole lot clearer for everyone involved. Effective communication is also important to the daily operation of a company, and can have a unique effect on such aspects as sales and profitability. Without good business communications in place, the structure of a business can face numerous, even daunting challenges. The establishment of business transactions, as a result, can be as an equal challenge in the long run.

There’s an unfortunate perception floating around out there that essentially says that even the smallest of details of a business conversation is important. While that notion is not incorrect, it lessens the aspect of other key conversational tools that have an equal and an even greater effect on the conduct of conversation. Body language and facial expressions have been observed by many professionals in the industry as having a significant presence when it comes to business conversations. Getting to know an individual is largely based on your interpretation of that person’s expressions. The tone of voice is also a significant indicator that people will actually key off of when it comes to interpreting a conversation.

Fabio Mendez has mastered four languages and, most importantly perhaps, the language of business which is based on communications.

The Power of Language

It is common adage in the professional community that it helps to be multilingual when it comes to business. One thing that is often not as clear is exactly what people mean by that statement. It makes for an interesting scenario because, in modern times, the advent of technology has made crossing borders and conducting business anywhere a relatively simple thing to do.

When it comes to business that is done on a face-to-face basis, however, negotiations, marketing, and nuances can get lost in translation. This is part of the reason why being bilingual is becoming a vital job requirement in a lot of business circles. It is even becoming something that makes a resume stand out above the rest. When a company that does business abroad is looking for candidates, they are sure to look for the kind of individual that can speak a second or even a third language.

Fabio Mendez

Fabio Mendez

If further validation is needed of this fact, then visit a national job board and search for the keyword “bilingual”. The results that come back may overwhelm you. A number of statistics have indicated that physicians for interpreters and translators are expected to grow well into the double digits for the next decade and beyond.

Fabio Mendez is an executive and consultant in the field of project finance and infrastructure projects. His mastery of French, Spanish, English, and Italian has given him a specific business advantage in countless scenarios. He enjoys the opportunity to communicate in the native language of various partners, employees, and more. He is quite familiar with the advantages of having a mastery of these languages, particularly when it comes to doing business.