The Power of Language

It is common adage in the professional community that it helps to be multilingual when it comes to business. One thing that is often not as clear is exactly what people mean by that statement. It makes for an interesting scenario because, in modern times, the advent of technology has made crossing borders and conducting business anywhere a relatively simple thing to do.

When it comes to business that is done on a face-to-face basis, however, negotiations, marketing, and nuances can get lost in translation. This is part of the reason why being bilingual is becoming a vital job requirement in a lot of business circles. It is even becoming something that makes a resume stand out above the rest. When a company that does business abroad is looking for candidates, they are sure to look for the kind of individual that can speak a second or even a third language.

Fabio Mendez

Fabio Mendez

If further validation is needed of this fact, then visit a national job board and search for the keyword “bilingual”. The results that come back may overwhelm you. A number of statistics have indicated that physicians for interpreters and translators are expected to grow well into the double digits for the next decade and beyond.

Fabio Mendez is an executive and consultant in the field of project finance and infrastructure projects. His mastery of French, Spanish, English, and Italian has given him a specific business advantage in countless scenarios. He enjoys the opportunity to communicate in the native language of various partners, employees, and more. He is quite familiar with the advantages of having a mastery of these languages, particularly when it comes to doing business.