Development Projects and the World

It is not exactly news that the world continues to urbanize at a considerable pace, and that the rate of growth of the global population continues to grow rapidly. This pace has put an enormous amount of pressure on cities to grow in a way that is both sustainable and rapid in nature.

Fabio MendezThere are a number of issues to contend with concerning smart and sustainable growth, including the planning of usage of land, connecting the population to jobs and services, and finding ways to finance these necessary infrastructure projects in light of a rapidly changing economy. These projects are necessary, and there are many aspects of each to consider during the planning process.

Behind it all, there are a number of statistics that prove that this suburbanization is expected to continue well into the future. As many as two billion more urban residents are expected to inhabit the globe in the next 30 years. The global gross domestic product is overwhelmingly produced within cities. Thus, infrastructure and urbanization can be a central component towards sustainable growth, as long as it is managed well and is focused on productivity.

In addition to that, there is a great need for housing, which which hinges on the infrastructure type of projects. There are many people today that are concerned about climate change as well. The support for sustainable growth and housing opportunity comes from a variety of organizations and business leaders, those that provide technical and financial assistance in alignment with the goals of urbanization. Power, the Internet, communications, commerce, transportation, water, and many other elements go into this infrastructure realm.

Fabio Mendez is an experienced professional in infrastructure project finance and development. He has structured and handled countless important projects in South America. The advisory and financing that he has procured has been instrumental in providing these services to infrastructure projects and other improvements to areas that seek development.