Fabio Mendez – Expert Resume Tips

As high-level business project finance expert Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond knows, a résumé plays a key role in getting you the job of your dreams. Getting your résumé just right can be the difference between unemployment and the ultimate job opportunity. There are a few key points that you need to know in order to put together the best résumé you have to offer.

First, keep it short. Resumes are only helpful if someone important takes the time to read them. If you have a 10 page résumé, it may end up in the trash instead of on the desk of the right person. Your résumé should be absolutely no longer than two pages. If the person in charge of hiring can’t get a good idea of what you have to offer in 10 seconds, your résumés isn’t pulling its weight.

Fabio Mendez

Fabio Mendez

Be certain that when you list your work experience, which you put it in reverse chronological order. List your most recent work experience first, and work backward from there. Full sentences are not necessary, a list of the work did in short punchy lines will help you get your information across faster.

Don’t get fancy with fonts and graphics. If you overdo it with images and graphic design, you may put off whoever is reviewing your résumé, since it will take extra time to figure out where you actual information is. Use a no-frills font in black on white paper.

Fabio Mendez ensures his résumé follows these rules, and he’s had many significant and worthwhile business opportunities. The key point of a résumé is to showcase your skills, and ultimately, that will be what gets you the job.