Fabio Mendez – The Value of Education

Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond is a successful high-level infrastructure finance executive, financial structuring expert and experienced project finance professional, and he owes part of his success to his extensive education. He received his Bachelor of Science in Finances and International Relations, and he pursued a Master of Arts in International Relations – International Politics and Economics.

Fabio MendezEducation is not only important for success in the business world, it’s also the key to reducing and eliminating poverty. The Global Partnership for Education says that if all students in countries with low-incomes were educated to the point of solid reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty.

Education prepares people to be better workers, which in turn creates the opportunity for sustainable economic growth. Education is a critical tool that enables parents to provide the necessities for their children.

The deficit in education around the world create for astonishing statistics. For example, 250 million children around the world are not being educated to the level of a fourth grader, or with the necessary reading skills to excel in life. Children in areas with low incomes are the ones effected by this problem the most, and without education, they cannot have access to meaningful employment. The situation is even worse for children who suffer from disabilities. Unfortunately, in many countries, children with disabilities are often turned away from education altogether.

Fabio Mendez truly values his education and considers it one of the building blocks of his extremely successful career. If every child could be educated to this level, imagine what the world would look like, and how little poverty there would be.