Fabio Mendez – Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Fabio Mendez is a very successful international businessman infrastructure project finance executive and is well known for his ability to streamline and strategize large scale projects while supervising as many as 200 employees. As his career has flourished, he’s climbed the corporate ladder with ease. You too, can climb the corporate ladder if you work hard and take some of the following advice.

Fabio Mendez

Be innovative and take initiative. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to speak up. If you want to be noticed, do something noteworthy. Be ready to help at any and all times, and you will become the kind of employee your boss can count on when he needs you, and he may begin to recognize how valuable you are and put you in a position to do more good for the company.

Dress like you love your job. By taking care of your appearance, you show your boss that you care about your job. You know the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” It can help you stand out and your boss may see that you are a good fit for a higher position.

Never, ever postpone your work. Don’t delay, don’t procrastinate. These are not the qualities of upper management. Take every assignment, project or problem and face them right away and with the eagerness befitting a CEO. Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond “harness an excellent ability to research, leverage existing resources, and harvest knowledge that results in successful outcomes.” to get where he is today.